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Breakfast at Tiffany’s Bridal Shower {Pictures!}

As I’ve promised… here are they pictures from the Bridal shower last Saturday…


~Showered with love :)

Breakfast at Tiff’s Shower

Check out my Sister’s blog.

The prep-work for the Shower on Saturday is looking AMAZING!


My Sister is a amazing…

My Sister Amanda, is crafty-er than Martha Stewart… for real….. Check out her Blog, she posted pictures about my upcoming Bridal shower.

Ooo I’m so EXCITED!!! :)








For your pretty eyes to see…

It’s been a while and it’s time for some Damask in our lives!

I randomly (in other words, no clue how I got there) stumble on to “the little things” blog, a sweet blog with delicious parties. One that I was excited to see is a Bridal Shower made up of a very pretty yellow and DAMASK! Yeaaa! Be still my heart! :) Take a look below at the loveliness and if you want to see the whole version of the party, go to their blog.

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