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Happy Birthday…. to ME!

It’s not even 9AM yet, and I already feel beyond loved. Thanks so much everyone for all the sweet Happy Birthday emails, messages, facebook statuses, tweets and everything! You’re awesome people! And thank you so my sweet sissy who blogged about me. Awww.  :)

Last year, on my birthday I wrote about 28 things about me. Today, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve learned over the year as I grow into the ripe old age of 29. *deep breath*

1. I learned how to grow a garden!

And that hard work paid off.

2. I learned that I LOVE Zumba!

and the sweet friendships I’ve made since then.

3. I’ve learned that through hard work and dedication, I can achieve goals I’ve set out to do.

Ran my fast race.

Reached my weight-loss goal.

and that through accomplishing those goals, I’ve felt even more empowered to venture out of my control zone and always strive for even greater things.

and that my friends is just a few of the things I’ve learned this past year… and thanks to all of you, who have been amazing blog readers & friends. xoxo

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