Stop Making Excuses and Go Workout

You know what drives me crazy; Excuses. I’m sure you’ve heard them all, or said them all… I know I have too.

“I’m too busy to work out.”

“Its just ONE more cookie.”

“But everyone was going to the buffet for lunch, I had to eat it all too.”

“I’m not losing weight, its so-in-so’s fault for tempting me with food.”

Just stop. Please, just stop. I tell myself this from time to time, when I find I’m making excuses for myself, for my actions and not getting the results I want. Its no ones fault that I missed a workout, or that I ate too much. Its only my own fault. Its only your own fault if you’re not happy with your diet and exercise routine. Its so easy to fall into this trap of blaming everyone and everything else for our own doing, but we have to become better than that. We have to become the type of people to own up to our own shortcomings, but choose to do better, not wallow in self-pity. Don’t wallow, go for a walk. :)

I saw this the other day and completely 100% agree with this:Don’t be on a diet, ya’ll. If thats the only piece of advice I can ever give, then that would be it. Don’t do a diet. Live your diet. Make healthy choices, make it a lifestyle of healthy living.

And it wouldn’t be right for me to leave you today without giving you some homework, right? ;) Here’s a fun workout that you can do anywhere. Try this out at the gym or at home…






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  1. I love you and I love this! Such a great blog post and really nothing but the straight up truth. Way to tell it to us straight sista!

    I think too, we should add, that the more you get well and exericse, the easier it is to keep going. So while it may be hard to start, once you get the ball rolling – keep going with it! It’s just easier that way.
    Laura recently posted..pumpkin seeds, be mine

  2. He doesn’t know it, but my husband desperately needs to read this post.
    Yum Yucky recently posted..Kick Your Own Ass Quickie: Plank Walk Into Push-Ups Pyramid


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