Healthy Choices Made Easy

Hi Friends! I have a few things I wanted to  share today that can help remind you to make healthy choices…


Comparing calories can help you reach for the healthier things in life…



Snacking on low calorie foods leaves room in your calorie bank for that fancy date night dinner…


Changing your eating habits doesn’t have to be this huge overnight drastic change. Take baby steps, learn to swap out the processed foods for the fresh foods, kick the soda habit and learn to love water. Changing your habits doesn’t have to be a huge dramatic ordeal in less you make it into one. You get to decide when being healthy is important to you.

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  1. Love this!!

    BrookeNotOnADiet recently posted..Keeping On Track

  2. I love your calorie comparisons…especially the soup to the pizza!

    I read a quote the other day that I think goes with your post…”One good wish changes nothing. One good decision changes everything.”
    Emily recently posted..Accomplishments

  3. ooooh I love calorie comparisons, always a good reminder!
    Morgan @ Life After Bagels recently posted..I Want Fat

  4. i remember some book about eating by volume and it was so cool to see the compairsons
    RunToTheFinish recently posted..Overcoming Negative Food Thoughts

  5. This was really great to see the comparisons! It is so interesting to see what equals what!

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