I eat. I workout. Repeat.

morning staples.

Good Morning, my friends. It’s been a while, huh? Things have been a bit busy around here, which makes the blog take a back seat for a bit. Since this blog is about Healthy Living and all that jazz, I thought I’d update you on my healthy habits as of late.

1. Eats

Recently, we got a vitamix. Green drinks, smoothies and even soups have made their way into our lives. It’s been great to have the vitamix, especially when I’m in a crunch and need to run out the door, but need to eat! I can get plenty of nutritious goods in.

I love having a bowl of cooked veggies, black beans and sometimes even like adding some fresh spinach to the mix. I’m all about mixing things in a bowl.

Now, if I’d just learn how to make tofu, I’d probably add that to the mix as well.

2. Workouts

The fall schedule of Bootcamp is in process and added a Monday and Friday class to my schedule. So Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday are Bootcampin’ days. Wednesday, I attend Zumba (which I still love. So. Much. Just try it, already!) The bootcamp workouts have been killer awesome and definitely help keep me on track as well. Somedays, when I don’t feel like I gave my all and was too busy instructing, I hit the gym and knock out a good sweat.

Another big part in keeping my fitness up, I still walk Taxi daily, normally in the evenings. If I even say “Walk”, “Let’s go”, or  ”Outside”. It’s over… I can’t get out of it, I have to take her for a walk. It’s good though, keeps me moving instead of sitting and watching Real Housewives of “insert name here”.

And that’s a bit of what’s going on in my world. What about you?

What’s your favorite dish right now? What’s your current go-to workout?

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  1. Where did you get that adorable shirt? I haven’t tried Zumba but just got into spinning and love it (especially at 6am when the lights are off and I don’t really have to open my eyes : ) ) Have a good weekend!

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