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Happy September Ya’ll!!! You know what that means… its BIRTHDAY month! WOO! Who else has a September Birthday? Leave me a comment letting me know!

I really love today’s WYS, Lexy is such an inspiring person! Check it out…

Hi… I’m Lexy and this is my weight loss story.

Throughout most of my childhood and teenage years I was pretty average… I wasn’t very aware or concerned with weight loss issues. Although I never had the “perfect” figure that every girl dreams of…. I was a fairly confident person and was generally happy in my life.

It wasn’t until I got married and had two children that I became more aware of my body shape and weight. After my second child was born, I followed the “Body for Life” program and regained my fitness and weighed approximately 150lbs. By the time my boys were 5 and 7 yrs old … I found myself at my lowest point emotionally. I was overweight, frustrated, miserable, embarrassed, and annoyed at my appearance. On the inside, I still felt like the same athletic person I had always been… I even went for walks and occasionally would go running. I felt defeated because my physical body could not keep up with what I assumed I was capable of mentally! I never wanted to go anywhere… didn’t want anyone to see me… dyed my hair dark brown… and hid out at home. My turning point was the day my sweet grandmother commented on how “fat” I was getting. I finally faced reality and decided to do something about it. I weighed myself at my husband’s office and to my horror….. the scale read 188 lbs!!!

I signed up for Weight Watchers online and began my weight loss journey. I began long distance running for my main source of exercise. I had always wanted to run a full 26.2 mile marathon! After losing the first 25 lbs, I ran the Country Music Marathon in Nashville in April 2007 finishing in 5:15! After I lost another 20 lbs while training and following WW, I ran my 2nd full marathon at the Texas Marathon on January 1, 2009 and shaved an hour off of my finishing time… completing it in 4:15!! After taking a break from long distance training, I began to maintain between 148-155lbs. However, at the beginning of 2011, I weighed 160 lbs and was ready to start WW again. After some initial frustrations with the NEW PointsPlus program, I decided to start with a fresh new attitude. Over the course of 4 months, I lost approximately 20 lbs… surpassing my WW goal of 140. I currently weight 136 lbs. 2 more weeks until I receive the “Lifetime” award!!

There have been many struggles along the way. It took my mind a while to catch up to my physical progress. I have decided that the slower the weight comes off, the more lasting it will be! Being on program is not always easy for me … I don’t want you to think for a moment that it’s easy for me. IT HAS GOTTEN EASIER…..I am constantly planning my meals, making sure I have the right food in the house and making better choices when I eat out. I think it’s because I started way back in 2005 and became accustomed to the whole concept of WW, keeping a food journal, drinking the correct amount of water, getting good exercise, etc. It hurts to look back to how I was eating through the holidays. I was miserable and didn’t feel good at all. Now that I’m back on track, I feel great! I love the freedom to be able to eat whatever I am craving!

Following WW is the one thing I have complete control over! I’m the boss of it. I decide what food I’m putting in my mouth. I decide if I’m going to work out. It has become a kind of “game” that I love to play and I want to win at it.

You have to give yourself some credit. Appreciate the positive changes. Acknowledge the progress you are making each day. You are doing a great job! Keep journaling… keep thinking about it…. keep trying to figure it out. Don’t give up!!. You will have success!! We are all in different phases of life right now. Please don’t be so hard on yourself! You are gorgeous!!! Smile…. you are great!!!!! You can do this!!

Here is a link to my website with other pictures and another version of the story…..  My Story  

If you’d like to share your story of what got you to the point that you decided “I want to be healthier!” Send me email at [email protected] with the subject line “What’s Your Story?”

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  1. Hey! That’s my beautiful daughter!! AND, I have a birthday in September as well – Happy Birthday to us!

  2. Wow way to go Lexy! It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they set their mind to it :)
    Chelsea recently posted..Good morning!

  3. Way to go Lexy! You are a great example of determination!!!
    That Pink Girl recently posted..Racing Weight


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