What if you Wore your Weight?

The other day I weighed myself on the scale to keep myself and my weight loss efforts in check. It got me thinking how years ago, I’d be absolutely terrified if someone were to see the numbers on the scale when I weighed myself. Since losing the weight, I’m completely comfortable with how much I weigh and I don’t care who knows, who asks, or who will see. It really is just a number. Whether that number changes between a few numbers, I don’t define myself by that. Now if that number starts to creep up higher, then I know that its not the scales fault, but that I need to get my bad habits in check. With all that said… I wondered how different I might have approached my bad eating habits and lack of exercise if I had to wear on a t-shirt the exact number that I weighed. What if it looked something like this:

Would you feel exposed? Liberated? Embarrassed? Would it change the way you eat? Motivate you to work out? What would you feel knowing that the number you weighed was on display for all to see? Thinking of this concept of wearing your weight on your shirt, made me think of things like The Biggest Loser. The contestants had to weigh in, in front of everyone. Gosh I wonder how that would feel?

I know for me, that when I was weighing somewhere in the 250-280′s, I would have been mortified to let anyone know how much I weighed, so I put that on display for all to see, would be so embarrassing. But what I find interesting, is… I was on display for all to see. People may not have known the exact number that I weighed, but I know that people (family, definitely) knew I was unhealthy and miserable in my own skin. It shows whether there’s a number on display or not.

That’s why I really believe that a number is just a number. How do you feel in your own body? Are you healthy? Are you happy? These should be the things we focus on. NOT on the number on the scale. I know its hard to not get attached to the scale. Especially when you’re losing weight. You’re weighing yourself weekly (hopefully only once a week!), and even if that scale moves up or down an inch it brings out emotions in you. I know that I’ve been on roller coster rides with the scale. I have to work hard not to let it control me, not to let it define me.

Could I wear a shirt with my weight on it, now? Yes. I’ve fought hard, very hard for the weight I am and I’m proud of that. I’m proud that I’ve add years to my life by cutting the bad habits. I’m proud that that I’ve achieved goals that I’ve had for so long. That number reflects that, but it doesn’t define me. My hard work, persistences, and passion to accomplish it shows who I am. That number is just a number.

What shows who you are? 


How are you doing with this months Squat Challenge?









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  1. Lauren, I love this post! I’m book marking it to come back to when I need a pep talk about what numbers mean and to be encouraged by your attitude towards the scale.

  2. wow… Lauren. i love this post, and at the same time, it made me tear up and cry. i’m sure it’s just the postpartum hormones, but if i had to put my weight on my shirt right now, i don’t think i could step out in public. i also think about what i would have had to put on my shirt 10 yrs ago, and i AM thankful i’m 50 lbs less than that.

    great post.. i’m going to have to link to this. first post in a long time of reading blogs that really touched me and was a reality check.

  3. I love this post! I feel like I already “wear my weight on my shirt” because I blog my weigh ins each week, and anyone who cares to know could very easily see it on my blog. I also think that it’s all about your filter, and not what other people think….at this point I’m PROUD to say that I weigh 210 pounds, because a year ago I weighed 283 pounds. It’s not my goal weight and I’m not done with my journey yet, but I’m still proud of that number. Whereas someone on the street might see me wearing a shirt that says “I weigh 210 pounds” and think to themselves, “Wow. She could stand to lose a few.” But they have no context in which to understand why I’m proud to wear that number. Does that make sense?
    Anyway, great food for thought! :)

  4. Great post. I feel the same way about my weight (at the low end). I feel that people are constantly pointing and talking about it – and I get teased (albeit affectionately) at work. The one thing I have going in my favour is my race times are impressive so most just attribute my weight to my training.

  5. Cynthia… i feel for you. my family would tease me about my weight. even if it comes from a place of “fun” or jokingly… it can still hurt, and when it adds up, overtime they can either break your spirit, or push you to DO FOR YOU!!

  6. This post makes you really think. I am starting to become more comfortable with my body, especially now after pregnancy. I have been moving more so I can feel the exercise helping my problem areas.

  7. Numbers are so funny. I’ve administered several weight loss competitions at work, so I was responsible for weighing and recording it all. I knew what every single person weighed, beginning to end. It SHOCKED me how different the same (or very similar) number could look on someone else!
    That’s why I get so frustrated when they publish weights for celebrities or winners of weight loss competitions. (or sizes for that matter) Just because Suzy looks healthy at XXX pounds, doesn’t mean that’s a good weight for you. Suzy may be solid muscle…or stick thin, needing some adipose tissue! Hard to tell just by looking at someone.
    Since I’ve lost weight recently, for some reason people feel the need to ask me MY number. I refuse. And then the guessing games start…now, just when is THAT ever appropriate??? And they are ALWAYS off by about 15 pounds. Good thing I’m not a numbers girl! :0)

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